Monday, 10 July 2017

Our Tongarra Museum has gone into packing up mode as we prepare for our big move to the new City Museum later this year!

With most of our exhibitions packed up, we’re closing our doors from Monday 17 July to help us get ready.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Fishing in Shellharbour

Shark catch, Shellharbour. 1900-1910


Pulling in the fishing net, Shellharbour
Local fishermen on a Shellharbour beach. Nets were hauled in,
loaded in a basket with ice and sent to Sydney markets on the train. c1910

Fish catch at Shellharbour c1910

Fishing at Little Lake - c1950
All Images are Copyright Shellharbour Image Library

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Debutantes of Shellharbour

Many young ladies officially entered the social scene at the Albion Park Show Annual Ball. Local ladies associated with the Show Society were given the honour of officiating as Matron of Honour.

 Debutantes, Albion Park c1920



Albion Park debutantes in the 1950s

Debutante Valerie Steele in the early 1950s

Val Steele, a long time resident of Shellharbour, married Bernard 'Spud' Costello in 1956. This photo was taken at the Debutante's Ball held in Lake South Public Hall in the early 1950s.

Debutante Joan O'Gorman

Dawn Farmer & Des Stubbs
Images courtesy Shellharbour Images


Monday, 20 June 2016



US 'Cities Service Boston' aground on the rocks at Bass Point
The United States tanker 'Cities Service Boston' ran aground at Bass Point, Shellharbour on the 16th May 1943. Despite the very rough seas, soldiers from the 6th Aust M.G. BN AIF rescued the entire crew of 62 Americans, with the tragic loss of four Australian soldiers. They were Sgt W F Allen, Pte G W Pitt, Pte R J Snell and  Pte B H Symons. A memorial dedicated to their bravery on the 8th September 1968 stands on the northern side of Bass Point.

The wooden steamer 'Kiltobranks' wrecked at Shellharbour 1924

Built in NSW in 1908, the 'Kiltobranks' was a wooden steamer, 272 tons gross, 148 tons net, length 133.7 ft, beam 28 ft, depth 8.8 ft. Fully loaded with blue metal, 'Kiltobranks' ran aground on south Shellharbour Beach on 21st February, 1924. She was endeavouring to reach a swinging buoy used for berthing during a north-easterly wind when she went aground.

The ship 'Troy D' grounded at Bass Point 1995

The bulk carrier 'Troy D' was scheduled to pick up a load of blue metal from the Pioneer Quarry at Bass Point. The ship approached the jetty from the port side facing the quarry, overshot the jetty and grounded on rocks to the west. The crew were able to winch the carrier off the rocks the next day, after a fishing trawler towed the anchor out to sea. Fortunately the sea was calm and the ship only suffered minor damage to the rudder. It had to be towed back to Sydney.