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Heritage society for Shellharbour City

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Search our historic photograph database for images of Shellharbour dating from c.1870.

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Lake Illawarra Memory and Place
The Lake Illawarra MAP Project is collection of short films or digital stories, ranging from contemporary video to archival film footage. Each one of these films contains a strong sense or 'memory' and many of them reflect on the environmental, cultural or historical significance or the Lake to individuals and the community.  Some of the stories are not specifically about the Lake but they are about the people who live near or visit the Lake and the things that are important to them. The stories have made through collaborations between community members and experienced writers and film makers. The digital stories in the Lake Illawarra MAP Project were produced during 2008 and 2009.

Lake Illawarra Authority

National Register of Big Trees

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Australian Motorlife Museum


Gerringong Museum

Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

Illawarra Light Railway Museum

Illawarra Museum

Kiama District and Historical Society and Kiama Pilots Cottage

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Museums Australia Southern Highlands and Illawarra Chapter

Port Kembla Heritage Park and Breakwater Battery Military Museum