Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Old Minnamurra School House

In 1881, two acres of land were resumed under the Acquisition Act from George Laurence Fuller’s Dunmore Estate for a school and residence. Mr. Fuller petitioned for the new school to be renamed  Minnamurra School in preference of the old Peterborough School situated on the opposite corner. In 1884, settlement conditions between Fuller and the Council of Education included ‘that the school be called Minnamurra Public School’. Reputedly built by Anton Ettinghausen, John Dwyer and Frederick Watson (carpenter, wheelwright and stonemason), it was officially opened as Minnamurra Public School in 1883 with Mr Richardson as Teacher. Minnamurra School is one of the oldest examples of public school buildings in the area. Both the school and residence demonstrate excellent use of local materials, and have been lovingly restored.

Minnamurra Schoolhouse at Dunmore.
Tongarra Museum.

Minnamurra teachers residence, Swamp Road, Dunmore.
Tongarra Museum.

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