Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tullimbar Inn

The earliest reference to a store at Tullimbar was in 1856 with Robert Wilson noted as storekeeper of Macquarie River, agent for the Illawarra Mercury. Joseph Dunster purchased the store from Wilson in April 1856 and Thomas Davis purchased the store some time after the Dunsters moved to the 'Hill' property in 1865.

The Tullimbar Store, residence and Post Office was purchased by Daniel Fraser in 1882 and was destroyed by fire ten years later, while still owned by the Frasers.

An 1892 article in the Illawarra Mercury states 'The Tullimbar post office stores and residence which were destroyed by fire some six monts ago have been replaced by a much more ornate and commodious structure'.
The Tullimbar Inn that stands on the Illawarra Highway today was built c.1892 presumably on the same site as the original store.

Alfred Sawtell and his family used the ormer store as a residence for many years. In 1923 Bessie Sawtell married James Aitken and leased the residence until c.1926 when they purchased the home.

In the 1970s the residence operated as the White Horse Inn Restaurant, and now operates as the Tullimbar Inn.

Thomas Davis' store at Tullimbar
Thomas Davis' store at Tullimbar, Shellharbour Images, Shellharbour City Libraries

Tullimbar Inn c.2003, Tongarra Museum collection

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