Monday, 14 September 2015

Fire at Albion Park

An extensive bushfire swept through the Macquarie Valley in December 1909.

The fire travelled twelve miles in two hours and burnt everything in its path. Six houses were destroyed as well as many farm buildings and countless livestock.

A westerly wind and scorching hot day made it almost impossible for one to remain outdoors once the fire had started. Heavy clouds of smoke swept over Albion Park and a ball of fire flew through the air, lighting Green Mountain. The whole of Yellow Rock was ablaze.

A southerly breeze then directed the fire towards Marshall Mount, reducing much of the land to ashes.

Fifty farmers were left without any food for their cattle on their properties. The whole area including Tongarra, Yellow Rock, Coobee, Stoney Creek, Calderwood, Marshall Mount and south of Albion Park was swept by fire.

Pastures were left with barley a blade of grass. Hills remained a ruinous spectacle. Homesteads, milking bails, cooling rooms, hay sheds and stacks, and miles of fencing was destroyed.

The Tongarra Heritage Society resources.

Hector Fraser's home at Tongarra. It was destroyed in the 1909 fire.
Shellharbour Images, Shellharbour City Libraries.

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