Monday, 30 May 2016


Hector Fraser's home at Tongarra
Hector Fraser (on horse) with two workmen. The horse -drawn 'slide' was used to haul produce and milk. The house was destroyed in a bushfire in 1909.

                                               Allen Bros. Store and Post Office, Shellharbour
Walter Allen established a general store and residence in 1868. He operated the Post Office adjacent to the store until his death in 1876. Mrs. Charlotte Allen and members of the family continued the business for many years as Allen Bros. Clothing and other goods were often ordered by catalogue through the Post Office, and arrived by boat, train or mail. Members of the Thomas and James Families are seated in the wagon.

                                                     Trotting race at Albion Park Show 1957
Albion Park A.H.& I. Association was formed on 9th September, 1887 at a meeting in the Carrington Hall, Albion Park. John Russell donated eight acres of land for a showground. The Association purchased another three acres from Russell to enlarge the ground to eleven acres. The first show was held in January 1888.

Driving a horse and cart to deliver milk from Clover Hill, Macquarie Pass
Images courtesy Tongarra Museum


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