Monday, 20 January 2014

Oak Flats Public School

Schools in .... well, nearly. Celebrate returning to school in 2014  for many children and families in Shellharbour. Let us take a look at Oak Flats Public School in the 1950's.

Let us reflect and appreciate the humble beginnings from 156 student enrolments in 1952 to 435 student enrolments in 2012. 

The school situated in Central Avenue Oak Flats, and bounded by Wentworth, Moore and Griffiths Streets, was officially opened on 16th May 1952 by the Minister for Education Mr. R J Heffron. The Principal was Mr John Caldwell and 156 students were enrolled at the time of opening.

When the population doubled by 1956, more buildings were added to the complex including a preschool. ('150 Years Shellharbour' The Tongarra Heritage Society Inc).

Oak Flats Public School. Photo date: 1952. Donor: R J Simpson. Photographer: R J Simpson.

Officials at the opening of Oak Flats Primary School 1952. Front Left to Right: A Murray (P&C President), Pat Sweeney (Teacher), R J Heffron (Minister for Education), Ald. C H Moore. Second row Left to Right: Unknown, Mrs Caldwell, John Caldwell (Principal), Howard Fowles M.L.A. Third row Left to Right: District Inspector of Schools, unknown, Keith Gray (Mayor), Bernie K Larson, Joan Simpson. Left side of verandah: Ivy Murray & child, Mrs Stanford jnr, Mrs Stanford snr, Rosemary Stanford (child). Right side of verandah: Peter Simpson, Mrs Peason, unknown.
Photo date: 1952. Donor: R J Simpson. Photographer: R J Simpson.

Oak Flats Public School. Photo taken across Central Avenue, Oak Flats. Photo date: 1962. Donor: Lyndall Kirchmajer. Photographer: Arthur Bramley. ( Shellharbour Images).

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