Friday, 31 January 2014

Zylstra family home movie

I had to share this movie with you!

The footage was taken around Wollongong and it's a fantastic snap shot of life for the many migrant families that came to the Illawarra in the 1950s. Just great.

John Zylstra posted this film - he is the little boy eating cake :) The video was shot by Rudolf Zylstra. Please read John's description below and enjoy.

'My parents migrated from Holland in 1953. The first few years we lived in a tent in Stuart Park Wollongong. "Those day's were my Parents Best Days" Although times were tough. One of my Fathers first jobs was catching RATS for Metal Manufactures in Port Kembla. However even though he was a qualified Radio And TV Technician, I can't ever recall the Old Boy complaining but then again he saw most of the world as a Dutch Marine and wanted to settle in Australia and call this home. He wanted part of the lucky country. He was a good Father. Bye the way I'm the little Hog eating the cake' (John Zylstra).

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